ESOL Matrix - MCE - Language Arts & Math

Common CoreESOL Courses
ESOL Performance StandardsEDT 190MEDL 204MEDL 318MEDP 201MEDP 301MEDT 100MEDT 221EDT 222
1.Second/New Language Learning:
1.1 Candidates understand the major concepts, theories, and research that facilitate second/new language learning.
1.2 Candidates understand that language is a system comprised of phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, etc. and apply this knowledge to assist ELLs to communicate in English.--------
1.3 Candidates understand the ways in which languages are similar and different.--------
1.4 Candidates provide appropriate language input and tasks.--------
1.5 Candidates understand the long-term nature of second/new language development.--------
2.Language and Culture of ELLs:
2.1 Candidates understand the nature of the role of culture in second/new language development and academic achievement.
2.2 Candidates understand how ELLs' cultural identifications affect language learning.--------
2.3 Candidates understand that language and culture interact and form the ELL's identity as well as his/her sense of self-worth and how these are tied to academic achievement.--------
3.Planning, Implementing, and Managing Instruction for ELLs:
3.1 Candidates know and apply concepts, research, and best practices as well as create standards-based instruction for ELLs.
3.2 Candidates are familiar with available resources and technologies to adapt and use with ELLs to teach content.--------
4.Assessment and ELLs:
4.1 Candidates understand issues with assessment of and for ELLs.
4.2 Candidates understand language proficiency assessments.--------
4.3 Candidates use a variety of assessments and techniques in the classroom for ELLs.--------